2015 US Dry Bean Acreage and Production

2015 dry bean projections

The above attached report is D.W. Sturts latest recap of dry bean production in North America.  The lastest figures were derived from the USDA planning report released earlier on Thursday.  Along with the USDA acreage and production numbers the team from D.W. Sturt included the estimated Canadian acreage and production estimates derived from trade estimates in Canada.

They have taken the planted acreage and factored each state in order to get a projected harvested acreage number.  Also taken into account is the adjusting of average yields in Washington and Idaho to get a more accurate yield picture since the USDA combined bean production is mixed in with Chick pea production, which has a way of distorting the true yield potential for dry beans.

The average yield in North Dakota was reported @ 14.0/cwt per acre. While D.W. Sturt & Co. reported the average yield at 1400 lbs per acre, they happen to believe the number is slightly low compared with yearly averages closer to 15-15.5/cwt per acre.

Dry Pinto Beans would like to give credit and thanks to dry bean analysts and commodity brokers D.W. Sturt & Co., which are industry leaders and take great pride in their work. We would like to thank Dan, Boone, Kim and the whole team at D.W. Sturt for their insight!