Pinto Beans

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Dry edible beans such as pinto beans are the mature forms of legumes. Pinto beans are medium in shape, oval, mottled beige & brown. They are largest variety of dry beans consumed in North America and Caribbean. When pinto beans cook they turn brown, have a powdery texture, and earthy flavor. Common uses for pinto beans are Tex-Mex and Latin dishes. All dry edible beans, peas, and lentils grow with good weather and at the hands of skilled farmers. Across the different growing regions farmers care for their crop during the planting, growing, and harvesting.

Pinto beans, black beans, navy beans, small red beans, and all other pulses grow all over North America. They grow in the Upper Midwest, Great Plains, Rocky Mountain Region, Pacific Northwest, and Canada. Mother nature dictates which growing regions will have the best weather for planting and harvesting each year, but it is the dedication of farmers who plant, cultivate, and produce a great harvest. We are proud to originate pulses and other dry edible grains for customers all over the world.

Nutritional Health Benefits

Dry beans are an excellent resource of plant protein, dietary fiber, zinc, iron, and folate. Due to their dense nutrient content, dry beans and pulses are recommended for people who want to improve their health and taste delicious cuisine!

 Some of the health aspects of consuming dry beans and peas are:

♥ High in Protein

♥ Low in Sodium

♥ High in fiber for colon and cardiovascular health

♥  Helps maintain healthy blood glucose and weight levels

♥  Cholesterol free

♥ Low in fat

♥ Contains Magnesium, Iron, B-Vitamins

*All of our dry pinto beans are triple-cleaned to remove as much foreign material as possible. Modern sorters remove broken and split beans to make sure customers receive specially selected and USDA graded dry beans. Please visit our contact us page to make a purchase or learn further information.