Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

Hello everyone, from now on the weekly weather and crop bulletin will be provided as a post and no longer its own page.

This week’s summary:

Seems its going to be a good and long ski season as a mass of air with frigid temperatures and snow dominated most of the central, eastern, and northwest USA this week. Only California, Texas, and Florida performed mission impossible to stay above sub-artic temperatures. Residents in these states were spared the bad weather as weekly weather temperatures were below normal for much of the US. Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

Unfortunately California continues to suffer with a category D4 exceptional drought classification. Agriculture in California is the state’s largest economy and also largest consumer of water. California’s produce, almond, and nut producing companies will have a very difficult year due to the seriousness of the current drought.

For the complete report please click on the link below.

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2014 Canadian Pinto Beans Ready for Export

Canada Debuts 2014 New Crop Pinto Beans

2014 Canadian Pinto Beans are making a special late week appearance here at DRY PINTO BEANS!

Friends of ours from the massive bean & pulse growing provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan Canada were kind enough to send us two distinct new crop pinto bean samples for review.

New Crop Pinto Beans

2014 Canadian New Crop Pinto Samples Arrive

We are very appreciative to all the producers who send us their hard-earned harvest samples from the different pinto bean growing areas where they live and work. Each origin of pinto reflects unique characteristics distinguished by the type of pinto seed variety used for planting, it’s color, seed size, moisture, resilience, and yield potential that must be taken into account for. Following those considerations, the next most important factor is processing technology-machinery being used on the raw product which must result in clean & consistent pinto beans.

*Please note these pictures were taken without any camera filters.

Canadian Pintos

2014 Saskatchewan Canada Pinto Beans


2014 Pinto Beans Alberta

2014 Alberta Canada Pinto Beans

 Interested in originating 2014 Canadian Pinto Beans, please fill out the contact form.





United States Dry Bean Harvest Update


The US dry bean harvest is underway across the country even as cooler temperatures and moisture threaten some regions. North Dakota and Minnesota dodged a bullet Thursday evening with growers fearing a possible early frost jeopardizing the harvest, but luckily no such threat came to fruition. Dry bean shippers, marketing firms, and suppliers are all trading weather patterns in hopes of trying to squeeze values higher before yield numbers start coming in from around the country; which is expected to be larger than last year for certain varieties.

Please click below to hear Northarvest Bean Growers Association update on the dry edible bean harvest and railroad service concerns.

Pinto Bean Market Prepares Parachute

The Northharvest Bean Growers Association released bearish news today for the pinto bean market as an expected much larger supply is likely to drive prices down into the twenty-dollar range for growers. Pinto values have been in a decline across the marketplace in a slow parachute-like drop, and the United States Department of Agriculture did not establish any pinto bean prices this week in most bean growing states as they prepare the market for new crop pricing in the coming weeks. The exception was in WA/ID, which did post current crop pricing at $42/44, but even those values cannot be taken too seriously because they are not reflective of market sentiment. The market is feeling a bit anxious at the moment because on one hand producers do not want to see a free-fall in prices all of a sudden, however; other segments of the industry would welcome lower prices too. Unfortunately for United States bean growers, processors, and exporters, Mexico also seems to be having the appropriate weather conditions for a good crop this year, which will make them less likely to import US pinto beans. Mexico will instead end up competing with us for export business this season. For now, let’s hope the parachute has already been deployed, and a slow descend is in place preparing for a soft landing on solid ground somewhere between here and there.