Kansas Pinto Beans Hold Their Own!

Kansas Pinto Beans Rock Solid

2014 new crop Kansas pinto beans are looking rock solid this year! Growers out of Western Kansas can be proud of this year’s harvest. Dry Pinto Beans was fortunate enough to receive some Kansas pinto bean samples this week from a contact of ours and were pleased with what we saw. Color is what you would expect to find out of the Rocky Mountain growing region and a bit on the lighter side when compared to last year’s color. We would like to take the time and celebrate the processing quality on the samples given to us. It was the cleanest pinto bean processing we have seen this year from all the samples we have featured. Way to go guys great job! Dry Pinto Beans would like to say thank you to Kansas pinto bean growers and the processors for all their hard work this season. We are very glad you submitted these good looking samples so everyone can see what a fine job was done!

Kansas Pinto Beans  Kansas Pinto Beans

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

Hello everyone, from now on the weekly weather and crop bulletin will be provided as a post and no longer its own page.

This week’s summary:

Seems its going to be a good and long ski season as a mass of air with frigid temperatures and snow dominated most of the central, eastern, and northwest USA this week. Only California, Texas, and Florida performed mission impossible to stay above sub-artic temperatures. Residents in these states were spared the bad weather as weekly weather temperatures were below normal for much of the US. Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

Unfortunately California continues to suffer with a category D4 exceptional drought classification. Agriculture in California is the state’s largest economy and also largest consumer of water. California’s produce, almond, and nut producing companies will have a very difficult year due to the seriousness of the current drought.

For the complete report please click on the link below.

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