Pinto beans originate by mother nature and the hands of dedicated growers across the special various bean growing regions in the United States and Canada. They are grown all over the North America, from the Upper Midwest and Great Plains to the Rocky Mountain States, and up in the Pacific Northwest into Canada.

Pintos are medium in size, oval, mottled beige and brown. When cooked they turn completely brown, have a powdery texture, and provide an earth flavor. Common uses for pinto beans are Tex-Mex and Hispanic dishes. Some of the health benefits of consuming pinto beans are:

♥High in fiber for colon and cardiovascular health

♥Helps maintain healthy blood glucose and weight levels

♥Cholesterol free

♥Low in fat

♥Contains Magnesium and Iron which are essential minerals for a healthy diet

We begin with only using the most premium quality pinto beans by the best producers and consistency in our process. All of our pinto bean products are washed or triple-cleaned to remove as much foreign material as possible. Modern-tech sorters remove broken and split beans to ensure dry pinto bean customers receive the highest selected and graded pinto beans possible in the marketplace.

Although mother nature dictates which pinto bean growing regions will have the best planting and growing conditions each year, it is the dedication of the pinto bean growers which plant, nurture, and facilitate a great pinto bean crop harvest.


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