F.Garcia pinto beans originate by mother nature and the hands of dedicated growers across the special various bean growing regions in the United States. Pinto beans are grown all over the United States, from the Midwest and Great Plains to the Rocky Mountain States, and up in the Pacific Northwest into Canada. Reliability, Select Quality, Creamy Texture, and Delicious Taste are a few reasons why F.Garcia pinto beans have become the chosen brand not only for pinto bean exports but also national food service distributors. The process of selecting premium pinto beans which go into our F.Garcia bags are carefully selected and graded. Although mother nature dictates which pinto bean growing regions will have the best planting and harvesting conditions each year, it is the dedication of the bean growers which plant, nurture, and facilitate a great pinto bean crop harvest. A bean grower’s mission is feeding beans to the world, and it is our proud responsibility to help fulfill this achievement by supplying F.Garcia pinto beans to our customers. We are the global online leader as suppliers for dry pinto beans and other grains to e-commerce customers, the United States food-service industry, wholesale distributors, institutions, and export transactions. F.Garcia promises to all it’s dedicated pinto bean growers and to our loyal customers to continue working diligently in becoming one of the most globally procured brands of dry pinto beans from the United States delivered to the world. 

“We Understand Quality Agriculture Means Good Food”. 


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